Gaozhan is multi-faceted
Chinese company

led by semiconductor industry veterans

Company overview  

GAOZHAN is a multi-faceted Chinese company led by semiconductor industry veterans. We have more than 80 years of semiconductor industry experience combined with experience living and working in Greater China. GAOZHAN has two divisions to service its customers and partners: Consulting division and Investment division.

GAOZHAN’s Consulting division offers Management, Sales and Marketing, Strategy and Operations consulting services to Chinese and International companies operating in the Semiconductor and Electronics industries. Typical engagements include assisting companies in improving their overall company management processes; developing growth strategies to secure a larger share of the market; identifying and implementing Sales and Marketing strategies and innovative operational processes designed to improve design and manufacturing output.

GAOZHAN’s core team and network of experts cover all disciplines including Executive Coaching, Chinese and Global Sales Strategies, Sales Representatives, Strategic Financial Management, Strategic Planning, Product Design Excellence, Chip Production Excellence and Semiconductor Supply Chain Management.

GAOZHAN’s Investment division offers Semiconductor and Electronics Industry Investment and Merger and Acquisition Advisory Services to Chinese and International companies. Typical engagements include advising a Chinese company on the purchase of international semiconductor assets through either an asset or equity sale; advising an international company on making investments or acquiring a related Chinese company and providing due diligence services to a company, venture capital fund or private equity fund that plans an investment in a Chinese or international semiconductor company.

GAOZHAN is also an investor in the semiconductor industry. GAOZHAN’s initial investments are in the power semiconductor electronics sector.


David French


David French comes from Silicon Valley. He worked with Texas Instrument (TI) where he was responsible for the product line management of Microcontroller Unit(MCU) and Digital Signal Processor(DSP). He also served as the General Manager of Analog Product Division at Fairchild Semiconductor, the General Manager of DSP Business at Analog Devices and president and CEO at Cirrus Logic. He has more than 40 years experience in the semiconductor industry,and more than 30 years experience in product development, marketing, manufacturing, strategic planning and business management. Since 2001, he has devoted himself to the Chinese semiconductor industry by serving on the board of several companies as well as SVP of NXP Semiconductors. He is now the Non-Executive Vice Chairman of ASMC, a Hong Kong listed Semiconductor company.

Stella Pan

Office Manager

Stella Pan joined GAOZHAN in 2011. She is responsible for the daily operation of Wuxi office. Prior to this, she worked in Wuxi IC Design Center where she was a project manager responsible for international partnerships. As a local, Stella brings to GAOZHAN a broad set of relationships with local organisations as well a large number of local enterprises. She creates better communications and cooperation between GAOZHAN and its partners.

Vera Chen

Administrative Manager

Vera joined GAOZHAN in 2017. She is the administrative manager of the company. She is responsible for the administrative affairs of the company including translating, preparing documents, coordinating with local approval authority and banks. Prior to this, she was the administrative manager for Quintic Microelectronic(Wuxi) Co., Ltd. where she was responsible for the daily operation of the office. Before joining Quintic, she worked as an English translator and also had experience in the overseas education industry. She graduated from Jiangsu University of Technology with a major in English Teaching.

Winter Chan

VP Business Development

Winter Chan comes from Singapore. He has more than 30 years Sales and Marketing management experience at US and Europe based MNCs as Asia Pacific head, within Semiconductors, LED ( Solid State Lighting), Distributions, proven record in developing direct sales and FAE teams, distributors and agent channel creation in China, Japan, Korea, ASEAN, India and ANZ. He served as Managing Director of South Asia– Arrow Electronics, VP of Sales Asia of Cirrus Logic, Future Electronics, and Cree. He’s also a member of Charter Institution of Marketing- United Kingdom.

Types of Clients

Digital and Analog Chip Design Companies

Chinese domestic or international digital chip design companies that require general management consulting, investment advice or merger and acquisition advice.


This includes Chinese or international companies that specialise in the manufacturing of chip products for fabless semiconductor customers.

Digital and Analog Fabs

This includes Chinese or international companies that specialise in the manufacturing of chip products for fabless semiconductor customers.

Semiconductor Materials Vendors

This includes Chinese or international companies that provide raw materials or partially finished materials to semiconductor manufacturing companies.

Semiconductor Packaging and Test Houses

This includes Chinese or Asian companies that specialise in the packaging and testing of semiconductor and electronics products for export or consumption in the Chinese domestic marketplace.

Client Development Stages

GAOZHAN services companies at all stages of development. Given our deep understanding of the semiconductor industry and the Chinese market, we are able to assist companies at all stages of development from startup companies to Venture Capital and Private Equity Funded enterprises as well as Public Companies.

Client Locations

GAOZHAN’s clients are located around the world in areas where the semiconductor industry is prevalent. GAOZHAN specialises in a deep understanding of the Chinese semiconductor market. We are able to assist our clients with market entry strategies for China; Strategies to locate and secure Chinese investment capital; Strategies for locating a potential buyer for overseas companies; as well as assisting Chinese companies in identifying strategies for acquiring intellectual property or entire companies from outside China.

Our targeted markets include: China PRC, Taiwan. Hong Kong, North America, Europe and Israel.


GAOZHAN’s network of partners provide our clients with a range of expert services.

Track Record

  NXP Jilin Joint Venture spin out
  NXP RF Product Line sale
  NXP Standard Products Product Line sale
  NXP sale of Lighting Product Line to Asian buyer
  Quicklogic Semiconductor China Market Entry Strategy
  Quintic Microelectronics sale to NXP

Office Locations

GAOZHAN and its affiliated companies have offices in China and the United States.

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